spray tan getting on clothes

by teresa louise shelton
(prt tlbot)

Question: hi how cun i stop my tan geting on my clothes when ts hot out its all ways all over my tops when im out ive tryed every thing could u help

Answer: You should never wear light colored or tight clothes when you just had a spray tan. After you've had a shower you can wear light colored clothes, but when it is hot some bronzer will be coming out of your pores with sweat and will be getting on your clothes.

The remedy for it is to either wear only darker and looser clothes, or go to a spray tanning booth which uses spray tanning solution without any bronzer. Bronzer (which is the color guide that gives you instant tan) is only necessary if somebody spray tanes you by hand, so they can see where they have already been and which parts they still need to spray tan.

If you are tanning in an automatic booth, there is no need for that color guide, so there will be a lot less stuff that will be rubbing off on your clothes.

You can also use a little bit of the talcum powder around the places where you get most of the tan rubbing off. The talcum powder will absorb the color first before it gets to your clothes, consequently there will be less on your clothes.

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