Spray tan for west indian women with hyperpigmentation

by kemm
(virginia beach, va)

Question: I am a 36yr old west indian women who lives in Va beach, being from the islands growing up i got bite by lots of mosquitos and have hyperpigmentation all over my legs, brown spots all over, my skin tone is medium brown and the spots are darker, i have spend money on so many things but nothing seems to work to lighten them up. I have never been able to wear shorts or even dresses, if i wear a dress for church, i wear two pairs of stockings so no one would be able to see the spots thru them, I wish i could wear shorts and people always ask me why i always wear pants in the hot summer and i just make up excuses. I would really love to be able to wear shorts and skirts this summer, do you think a spray tan would help me? and how long would it last on my skin, i work out alot

Answer: I actually have a better thing for you and it is called Baiden Mitten. It is an incredibly effective exfoliation tool.
Not only does it exfoliate the top layer of the skin thus helping to even the skin tone, but also performs a really effective skin massage and detox.
This increases blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin which has a great effect on helping the skin heal itself.

I had few dark red scars on my chest from some pimples that I could not get rid of for years and Baiden Mitten lightened them considerably in a matter of few weeks.

I am not sure how well spray tan would work for you since it makes everything darker, including the hyperpigmentation spots and while it would possibly get the spots to blend in slightly better, they would still be quite visible.

Possibly once you fade them considerably with Baiden Mitten then if you got a spray tan it would work very well.

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