Spray tan for men. What steps to take to make it perfect.

Men look so good with a tan, and spray tan for men is the easiest way to get that look.

This great effect must have something to do with the ability of the tan to accentuate muscles, especially the abdominals. I suppose that is why all the body builders will not go into a competition without a great tan (usually the instant spray tan variety, as it is more even than the natural one).

When getting spray tan for men, there are few things to watch out for:

Men have usually more body hair than women.

That usually does not affect the tan, but if you are really hairy in some places (like on the chest), when you spray tan in a booth take off the shower cap after tanning, and use it like a glove to rub the solution that has beaded on the hair onto the skin. Works every time.

Men’s skin needs more spray tanning solution

Unless you are very fair, take a darker shade, or better still, have a double dip (another spray the next day). Men on average use much less sun block then women, and so they often start with a “base” of already tanned body. Also darker tan does not seem to “age” men as it often does women.

In some instances man’s skin seems to absorb less tanning solution than women’s, double dip seems to get the skin adjusted to the solution, and from then on all you need is a top up every week or two.

But if you are getting a spray tan for your own wedding, scrap what I just told you, and get the lightest tan. It looks best on the photos.

tanned male chest
Do you have very dark arms and face, and the rest of your body is snow white?

If you just want to fill in “the gaps”, you might want to consider airbrushed tan and not the booth tan. The technician will only airbrush the areas that need filling.

Alternatively you can have a spray tan in a booth, but after a first spray tan the white areas will still be noticeably lighter. What you need is a double dip, or have one session in a booth, and once you have a good base, use self tanning products to even out the light areas.

If you have a bald spot, do not use a shower cap.

You would look very silly indeed with brown body and a white bald spot. Watch out though, I have seen some spray tanning solutions (the ones with a lot of bronzer) that color bleached or gray hair orange. To get a good spray tan for men, find a salon, where they use clear solution or number 1 bronzer in solution at the most. (If you use solution without a bronzer, you will have to wait about 5 hours for your tan.)

Most men feel more comfortable in a booth.

That, I am told happens not only when they want to get a spray tan, but also with solariums, where 80% of man will choose a booth over lay down beds.

Most likely reason, I think, is that tanning in a booth is fast, easy and hustle free. In a spray tan booth it takes about 1/20th of the time than by spray gun method.

Privacy is another reason. In a booth you are completely alone, and can spray tan in comfort.

To boost your spray tan for men, use tan extending products. They will not only extend the time you wear your tan, but will also repair any damage that occurs when the tan starts to wear off.

Spray tan for men is such a wonderful cosmetic. It will give you a desired effect fast, without any hustles and best of all nobody will know that you are faking it.

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