Spray tan followed by driving?

by Kate

Question: I'm thinking about getting a spray tan for my formal, but the location is a 6-hour-drive away. If I get a spray tan then drive shortly afterwards (without air conditioning) will it go all streaky or patchy??


Answer: If you don't sweat, driving is such a non-athletic activity that you should be fine.
If it is a hot day and you sweat,there can be some damage, so it is best to go for a milkshake somewhere to an air conditioned shopping center for an hour after spray tanning, when the danger of streaking is at its worse.
After that, drape some cotton cloth over your car seat (just in case some bronzer rubs off - it might stain the chair), open windows and enjoy your driving. Just stay away from the nasty truck drivers that cut you off, get your blood boiling and make you sweat :-)

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