Spray tan, Fillers and Botox?

by Lynne Shipton
( Uk)

Question: Can you tell me why a person would be asked if they have had botox or fillers before they can have a spray tan?
Do you think it could be due to the puncture holes caused by the needle and also would the DHA have a reaction with the properties that are in the botox and fillers?

Answer: I cannot imagine why anybody would ask you that, seeing that in some places in US they offer "Spray Tan and Botox" parties.
Spray tan would definitely not react with Botox and fillers, because they are placed in a totally different part of skin. They should not even come into contact.
The only thing I can think of, like you did, is that if the needle holes are still fresh and had not had the chance to close, some bronzer could lodge itself in those and give you a spotty effect.

Otherwise, I would just take it as a complement from a spray tanning technician who thinks that you looks so good for your age that you must have had some help :-)

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Nov 22, 2010
by: Lynne Shipton

Thanks for answering my question on Botox and fillers so quickly,less than 12 hours.
I have had confirmation that the reason for this question is as I suggested,which you agreed that if the puncture holes are new then the Tanning solution may find its way into the skin and cause aggrevation and then inturn this could cause a reaction.
Thankyou for your reply,I would visit your site again as I know that I will get an acknowledgement.
Many Thanks.

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