spray tan everyday

by Jess

Question: I ussually get a spray tan at least once a week but i get so sick of exfoliating.
what happens if i get a spray tan everyday or every second day? i love being really dark!

Answer: Depends on your natural skin type. If you are really white and you spray tan every day than your skin probably will not be able to handle it and you will turn a great orange hue. And - you will still have to exfoliate, otherwise at some stage your tan will start to go patchy.

I know what you mean about having to exfoliate often, although it is quite good for the skin, it can be a bit much sometimes.
I found that when I use Baiden Mitten I can squeeze about 10 - 14 days before I have to exfoliate my skin again, since it takes about this long for a thicker layer of dead skin cells to build up.

I personally do not like a dark tan, but I would suggest: Baiden Mitten, then one spray tan, on the next day after a shower a second spray tan and chances are that you will have at least 10 days before you have to do it again.

Of course it will be fading slowly, but what I found is that if I use Baiden Mitten it fades uniformly and not in patches which also helps.

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