Read a Real Life Horror Story About Choosing Spray Tan Equipment

I consider myself a bit of an expert on spray tan equipment. Not because I am so good at choosing the right machine, but because I was so incredibly bad.

It actually is quite embarrassing. I spent over $100,000 on buying 4 (yes, four) dud machines before I found one that delivered what it promised.

Many people would have given up, but I was determined to have a spray tanning business.

My "adventure" began when I decided that I would get a good deal on a second hand mobile unit from e-bay. Not a good move.

The mobile spray tanning equipment that I got looked great, the previous owner told me how fantastic it was, but when I got it and turned it on (no training provided, as I bought it from a person that lived a long way away), it was as noisy as an industrial vacuum cleaner.

It also made an incredible mess in the bathroom and produced such horrific streaks (most probably fault of the untrained operator) that my daughter who was a "volunteer" model for my efforts went crying to school the next day.
(Luckily, she used to train in a swimming squad so, that night we found out that chlorinated pool water will bleach the spray tan real quick.) After that she refused to let me practice on her any more.

Smartened up from the last experience I decided to buy a spray tan booth, which would eliminate the risk of inadequate operator. I bought a used spray tan booth locally. I could not try it before purchase, because it was in storage. We installed this spray tan equipment in the salon, and the results were, how can I describe it - ridiculous. It just squirted solution in great volumes and to get anything resembling normal tan you had to rub it in with your hands. After a trial run my son refused to go to school the next day.

I was heartbroken, but determined to fix the problem, so I rang the manufacturer of this spray tan equipment, hoping they might find a way to fix it.

They told me that model was basically a prototype and that they did not produce parts for it anymore. They convinced me that they now had state of the art new spray tan equipment and gave me a special price if I bought two. (I had two rooms).

I brought them from US to Australia (which cost me as much as the booths themselves for freight and duty) and proudly installed them. It did not take me much to figure out that the "state of the art" tag applied only to the way they looked. The spray tan mechanism was not much better than the one before. I called the manufacturer back and he informed me, that he can fix the problem for me if I bring him over to Australia and pay two weeks accommodation for him. Needless to say I declined his "kind" offer. I paid couple of specialists in spray equipment to come and work on the booths, but after further $1400 they told me that the machine will never do what I wanted it to.

The company that I bought spray tanning booths from refused to talk to me, and even Better Business Bureau could do nothing to help.

I would have given up, but I was already a month into a lease on my shop (which I totally refurbished), so I again went on a hunt for a good spray tan equipment.

This time "saving money" was no longer on my agenda, so I went directly to two biggest (and most expensive) importers of the spray tan equipment - Mystic Tan and MagicTan.

I tried both booths, and found out that both produced the same quality tan.

Interestingly, MagicTan, although considerably cheaper had a much better design and from what I could establish from conversation with other salon owners - service second to none. (You can imagine that it was crucial to me at this stage).

Due to my previous experience I gave the owner of MagicTan Australia a lot of grief, but to his credit he showed a lot of patience and decency in dealing with the "witch". To date, I have never seen James Hay loose his cool in all the time that I have known him. In fact he is a real sweet heart and a gentleman and went out of his way for me on more than one occasion.

Finally, my 4th machine was installed professionally by a MagicTan team in record time. This spray tan equipment worked “like magic”, the service was great, training totally professional.

I think you know by now that my start in the industry was not at all great. If you are thinking of opening your own salon or going mobile, I would suggest getting as much information as possible and not imagine that it is really simple.

If you do, it will cost you.....

To help those of you that are thinking about opening your own business I have collaborated with Jacinta Dean, and busienss owner and a trainer to offer you a set of manuals that can help you considerably.

Click on the graphic below to get more info about this program.

Spray tanning manual.

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