Spray Tan Disasters … Fix Them Fast!

Spray tan disasters can be heart-wrenching. You wake up in the morning after a night of carefully applying your fake tanner and… EEKS!! You have streaks everywhere! Blotches… orange ankles and wrists, an Oompa Loompa face!!!

Not to worry. There are some great solutions!

If you use a nasty brand of self tanner, this is probably the cause of your disaster. I recommend using Safe Tan to help avoid such awful results.

So at this point, what do you do?

Get in the shower right away and scrub your skin well. Try applying some lemon juice and baking soda, use some scrubby spa gloves or other exfoliator and scrub away as much of the orange streakiness as you can.

Now, for the neat-o part!

I had applied some awful tanner a few years ago, and woke up with streaks all over my wrists.

I had to open my mineral makeup store that day to the public and was so embarrassed by my arms.

I had the idea of using mineral makeup to cover up the streaks! And TA-DA! It worked!

I applied a nice tan mineral powder foundation to my wrists and top of my hands and it blended it PERFECTLY. It looked like a smooth, natural tan! And it did not come off on my clothes at all. It stayed perfectly intact all day, which I loved.

At night, it rinsed off easily with soap and water in the shower.

I have since tried the technique again on my arms and legs and love it.

I use Mineral Basics brand makeup on my face each day and this helps to cover up any fake tanner boo boos I might make. It gives an overall smooth, even look to my skin and works just perfectly in conjunction with the sunless tanner.

For more mineral makeup info, see my website: Mineral Makeup Help

Here’s to Happy Tanning!

Chandi Plank

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