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I have researched spray tanning booths, before visiting one before the Fourth of July, bathing suit day! I have read many articles stating that there is Arsenic, Lead and Mercury in the D.H.A solution that is sprayed on you. They all say it is highly recommended that you were eye protection and nose filter, or something. I was beyond a regular tanning booth go-er, in the 90's, and would love an alternative. Still, moderation is key and natural sunlight is probably your best bet. If you don't tan well....then maybe when you're 60 and wrinkle free, yet white....we will still be jealous!

Boshena's comment. DHA by itself is harmless, however different companies add different components to their solutions. I have never heard of anybody adding lead or arsenic, but if people have no problem adding mercury to immunization shots that we give to babies then possibly there would be some that would not find it unethical to add lead to spray tanning solution. Read more on Spray Tan Dangers Here.
That is why on my site I recommend a self tanning product that has no nasties in it at all. It is called Safe Tan.

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