Spray Tan Booth and overweight people.

Question: Is Spray tanning suited for overweight people? Are the booths big enough?

Answer: Booths are absolutely suited for overweight people! I had many clients who were overweight.
Being slightly on the "fluffy" side myself I would be embarrassed to stand in a stupid little thong in front of a technician getting spray tanned.

As to: are the booths big enough - well, it depends how big the person is, I suppose, but if you can find salon with VersaSpa - that one has no doors and is quite roomy, and I also found that Mystic Tan is slightly bigger than some MagicTan booths (the one that opens from the front and not from the side is a little bit smaller).

Make sure you do your positions properly to open space between tights well. With some of my bigger clients I would also advise to put on a pair of latex gloves on, and at the end of the spraying, while the body is still wet, to run the hands over the whole body, especially under the breasts and in any folds to make sure that the solution got in everywhere. Once you get the hang of it, you will just love being spray tanned, because it makes you definitely look slimmer. In addition, with MagicTan solution there was a skin firming ingredient which definitely did work, so that helped as well.

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Feb 20, 2018
by: TrishMick

You are fantastic!! I have a slight belly and boobs for days.... I'm definitely taking your advice on the gloves!!

Jul 17, 2014
Saggy Boobs :(
by: Anonymous


I love going to spray tans in the booths done by the machine but my boobs sag! What should I do?

Last time I had two white shadows under my boobs the next morning.

I'm not sure if it's because I don't put a bra on after I go get a spray tan or what!

Answer It is because the spray tanning solution cannot reach the skin as it is covered by your boobs.
The way around it is to wear plastic or latex gloves while spray tanning in the booth. After spray tanning just rub the area under your boobs with your gloves. You will have some spray tanning solution on your gloves, there will also be some excess droplets on your tummy, just do a rubba-dub-dub over the whole area. That will get the solution into all the right places and you will not have the white shadows.

After that just remove the gloves and just rub the backs of your hands on your thighs. That will "tan" the backs of your hands, but not your palms.

Jun 05, 2011
Is It Really Embarassing?
by: Help??

im commenting as im really embarassed about getting a spray tan. i have 3 weddings coming up this year , where two of those im bridesmaid and i really want a tan. im like a milkbottle and i think a tan will make me feel more confident,
my weight is nearly 10 stone. i dont consider my self to be EXTREMELY overweight however, i know this sounds awful but my tummy kind of folds at the bottom. is there any advice anyone can give me on how to feel more comfortable as im REALLY REALLY embarassed as all the staff at the salon are like twigs.


Thanks For Reading Guys!

Boshena's comment:
I know how you feel, that is why the booth is my favorite way to spray tan. It is just an awesome way to tan it when you get the hang of it.

I would definitely recommend not only spray tanning but also some corset shape wear. It does wonders to your middle parts :-) It will take some of the tan off because it will be a bit tight, but all the visible parts will look great.

When it comes to spray tanning in the salon, I can tell you that if they own a spray tanning booth they have seen a lot of overweight people. People with a bit of weight will not go to get spray tanned by a technician in a thong, so no need to feel embarrassed, you will be one of many.

Also, instead of sneeking into the salon, why not wear a t-shirt with something like "Curves are sexy" or "Big and Beautiful". People are attracted to confident people no matter what size and shape. I had qute a few of big clients and my favorite client was a big girl who loved her body.

May 09, 2009
Problems tanning legs.
by: Boshena

If you are overweight, you will have problems tanning by ANY method. That is because you have skin folds that neither rays nor solution can reach.
However, if you use spray tanning, there are some things you can do to get an even tan.

To start with, when you are getting your spray tan, try to stretch out, so that solution can reach every place, like under arms, and under tummy and boobs.
Second, after spray tanning put some plastic gloves on and just rub your body over making sure that you go into every skin fold and between thighs. That way the tan should be more even. It might not be perfect, because if you are overweight, you tend to sweat more and that can result in some lighter patches where you sweat the most.

When it comes to your legs - make sure that you exfoliate very well before spray tanning. Especially around feet and ankles. And when you funished spray tanning, rub them over as well with plastic gloves. Hopefully, that will give you the even tan that you want.

And another thing. Because you are larger, you will need more spray tanning solution in the booth. Go for a darker tan. It is the same solution, just more of it, so you will have plenty to spread around.

If you have a darker spray tan, you might not want your face very dark, just give it a light wipe with a wet one after you finish with rubbing your body with plastic gloves. That will take off excess solution, and your face will be just lightly tanned.

And another thing :-) Choose a booth where you have to wipe yourself with a towel after spray tan. There are state of the art spray tan booths now (like Versaspa) that air dry you immediately after spray tanning. That will not give you enough time to spread the solution around your body.

Good luck with your weight loss. It is so much easier to put it on rather than take it off, isn't it?

May 08, 2009
spray tan
by: Anonymous

Hi can you tell me did the booth spray work on everyone? I'm overweight and I can't get anything to tan my legs. I have tried tan towels and that will not work for me. My face was ok but not legs. I love the look on my arms and face of the Tan Secret, but it also will not do my legs right. It also does not go over my ankles well or feet. I have a scar on my ankle and that looked bad now it looks a lot worse. Any help you could give would be great. I'm about 230 pounds and loosing weight and I know a tan will make me feel better and help with my weight loss. Will the booths work for me? Thanks, Lisa

Jul 14, 2011
Im too Scared!
by: Nyomi

Heyy im planning on getting a spray tan tomorrow as im going out over the weekend and want to look nice :D im really overweight and dont want people to laugh at me as id feel really uncomfortable to have my fat out infront of everyyone! also i dont wanna look a fool and not b able to fit in the booth :(

Find a salon with an open booth like Versaspa. They have a lot of space and you would have to be really huge not to fit into one of those.

I know how you feel, I am just a little bit overweight but it seems that every person in the salon is very young, slim and gorgeous. That is why I like the booth, I can feel good in my own skin.

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