Spray tan before the Proms this week!!

by Allice
(Marion, VA)

Question: I am very pale skinned, with blond hair, blue eyes and plenty of freckles.Prom is approaching quickly and I was considering getting a spray tan. I dont want to come out looking orange so do they have a variety of shades i can choose from? Such as an average tan color? or maybe a light golden color? just enough to where i wont look so....pale?
My boyfrind is coming back from Iraq just in time for prom and i really dont want him to see me orange!!
And one more thing: would you suggest getting my nails done before the spray tan or the next day or so afterwards?

Answer: Yes, there are different shades of solution for different skin types and for prom you should DEFINITELY just get the very lightest one. It will only give you a glow, so you will look radiant and not really tanned.

Light spray tan is the only kind that you should be getting anyway, because anything else would look really unnatural.

When it comes to nails, it doesn't matter when you have them done as long as they are totally dry when you go for a spray tan.

Spray tan solution does not effect artificial nails and if you don't have them done before you go for a spray tan a dab of moisturizer on top and under the nails will stop getting them discoloured.

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