Spray Tan and suntanning.

Question: Once you've had a spray tan and waited a day or so, can you sunbake? will you go browner or will your spray tan just come off?

Answer: Sunbaking does not affect spray tan, so you can sun bake straight away.
However, I would wait a day so that you can see the color that you turn. You might not need to sunbake.
If you still want to do it I suggest sunbaking early in the morning or late afternoon to slowly develope the natural tan, instead of burning. If you would burn and your skin would peel you would loose your spray tan as well as your skin.

If you do it carefully, as your spray tan will be wearing off you will be getting darker from the sun so you will get the best from both methods of tanning.

I find that people that get a spray tan before sun baking tend to be much more sensible about sun tanning. After all, they already have a great tan so they don't have the urge to fry on the beach for long periods.

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