Spray tan and sunburn peel

by Samantha
(Plymouth, UK)

Question: I am booked in for a spray tan tomorrow and it has just dawned on me that the sunburn I got last week might affect it! The skin on my chest and face is not at that horrible stage where it is bubbly, just before it is ready to peel. I don't know how I can get all the peel off before my tan... Please help!!

Answer: Honestly, I would cancel my appointment, because your tan WILL peel and it will look worse.

If you still go ahead and have your tan, then get yourself a bottle of self tanning solution and as the skin peels (make sure you do not HELP it), dip a q-tip in the solution, squeeze off the excess and then gently dab the white pathes.

It will make the white patches blend in a bit better.

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Feb 02, 2012
Peeling spray tan
by: Lauren*

Question: Hi I'm in desperate need of help I have a wedding and an 18th Saturday it's now Friday I got my tan done Thursday and all Wednesday I had exfoliated my skin cause I had terrible sunburn and realized I had my tan appointment. I only went ahead with it because it had fully stopped peeling. I woke up as realise that I was peeling again. So now it's peeling on my arms and collarbone and I'm do stuck and in desperate need of help!! Do I just exfoliate my top half a little bit or? HELP!!

Answer: Oh dear, sunburn and spray tan do not mix very well as you found out.
I think that you do need to exfoliate as much as you can and then perhaps use gradual tanner to even the color a bit, but in the end I think that you will need to get yourself some coverup foundation that matches your tan and use that to even out the color.
I know that it is not the perfect solution, but you will look good on the day.

Jul 23, 2010
Sunburn Peel
by: Anonymous

I just had a spray tan last night and not knowing much about it I went in with a bad sunburn that had been peeling on my stomach and thighs. Well this morning it looked as if i have some sort of disease all over it! Looks horrible! No one told me that it would do that!

Boshena's comment: It must have been really bad, because spray tan usually calms the sun burn since it contains aloe vera.

I suppose at this stage all I can say - avoid the sun next time.

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