Spray tan and sun burn

by Allie
(Ohio )

Question: I am in my cousins wedding this Saturday and I have a little bit of a burn and we are wearing strapless dresses, can I get a spray tan with a sun burn??

Answer: Spray tan solutions often contain some aloe vera and can often settle the burn a bit, but you have to apply it when skin is no longer hot to the touch. If you have a spray tan on a red hot skin it might turn out patchy.

Of course you have to be aware that when you get a sun burn, you will probably peel and spray tan will not prevent it. So, if you peel (hopefully not before Saturday) your tan will go with it and you will get white patches that will be quite visible because of the contrast between dark and white skin.

However, if your aim is to look good on Saturday than it might be worth it.

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