Spray tan and sports!

Question: I just got a spray tan yesterday and i have volleyball today for 5 hours and school pictures tomorrow! I have to wear knee pads and ankle braces. Is my tan going to rub off on my knees? Will i have white spots there? HELP!

Answer: I think it is a strong possibility that your tan will be damaged. Sweating AND rubbing will definitely have an effect on the spray tan.

However, you can fix it easily and quickly with a tan extending lotion, or one of those products that build up the tan gradually.
Just apply a small amount on your elbows and knees after your shower (after you finished playing sports) and then, if you still need a bit more color, you can add to it in the morning.

However, make sure that you don't overdo it. It is better to have slightly lighter patches than too dark.

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