Spray tan and dark stretch marks

by Mary Catherine

Question: I gave birth almost two years ago and have stretchmarks on my lower abdomen and sides. I was thinking about getting a spray tan to help cover them up but since they're not the white, thin stretchmarks (they're short and dark), would a spray tan make them even more obvious?

Answer: Spray tan will blend them in better, but will not cover them completely. You will like the effect.
If you want to get rid of those stretch marks, use Bio Oil. It is the most amazing product. I had really bad stretch marks, so bad that I could not even think of wearing a bikini, but after two weeks of applying this product they are so thin that they don't bother me at all. And yes, I can wear a bikini now.
It is also fantastic for face but use it at night because you do get a bit greasy.

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