Spray tan and acne clearing wash.

Question: Is it ok to wash my face with an acne clearing face wash if i have spray tan?

Answer: A lot of acne clearing products have strong exfoliating properties and/or alcohol, so that they affect spray tan. It will simply not last as long as it could if you washed your face with something gentler.

One way around it would be get one of those moisturizers that build up a tan gently (there are specific ones for the face) and moisturize with it after you washed your face.

You can also try adding a small amount of self tanning solution into your regular moisturizer and applying that every day. That would bring back some color, however I would experiment with it first, before actually applying it on my face to make sure that you get the right amount of color and not overdo it.

When you are getting a spray tan take a small bottle or container and ask the technician to give you a little bit of solution. She will, if you explain to her what you want to do with it, and might give you some tips, and also they might have a product with exactly the same solution ready made, so you might opt for that.

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