Spray tan accident

by Morgan

Question: I have a sprained ankle and i got a sprain tan today but then i iced my foot in a bucket for ten mintues and then i took it out and there is now a line where apparently the tan came off. It didn't come off on my foot just around my ankle. Is there anything i can do or do i need to go back to the salon and see if they could fix it. Can they even fix it???

Answer: Very simple to fix. Take a bottle of self tanning solution and dop a q-tip in it. Squeeze off the excess solution (very important, otherwise you might put on too much and get a dark stripe instead of white stipe on your ankle) and then just paint in the white stripe. You might have to repeat it, but it is better to do it twice rather than put too much and then have to rub some off.
It should blend in perfectly and you will never know that there was a problem.

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