Spray skin whitening.

Question: i'm interested in getting spray tanned...but i'm just confused because i dont want to get a TAN for my wedding. i want to be sprayed a lighter white colour. what is that called?

**i'm light browned skined and for my weddding i want to go a lighter shade to look fair skined**

Answer: I had no idea that you could do that! I honestly never heard of this, although I know that there are cosmetics that bleach your skin, but I believe that it is a process and does not happen overnight.

The only thing that I can think would help in lightening your color is to do a super exfoliating job on your skin.
Try Baiden Mitten.
Every time I exfoliate with it so much dead skin cells are removed that I look lighter. If you would do it regularly once a week until your wedding you would not go white, that is for sure, but your complexion would be lighter.

As to spray tanning white, I am sorry but I cannot help you.

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