Spots from the spray tan

Question: After my tan there was some of the bronzer on my chest still that had not blended in yet.I rubbed it in a little and now it looks like it wont be blended with the rest of my chest.If I go tanning again will it blend in?

Answer: If it was only bronzer it might not be a problem as the excess color could just come off in the shower.
If you rubbed too hard you might have damaged the tan. Just apply some tan extending cream that builds up the tan slowly, and that should blend everything in.

It is not likely to happen in the future, however some people do have a patch on their body that is difficult to tan and does not absorb tanning solution envenly.
If you will find that this might be a case with your skin, the tan extending cream might become your best friend when you decide to have another spray tan.
If that happens again you will need to reapply the cream daily to the white spot to blend it in with the rest of the body.

I had couple of clients that had difficulties tanning on the chest and with both of them we tracked it down to their habit of spraying their chest with perfumes regularly.
Some perfumes live a film of oil on the body and that stops tanning solution from penetrating.

I am not saying that is your problem, but it is a possibility if you use scents.

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