Sports and spray tan.

by Shelly

Question: I play sports and I was wondering how a spray tan would work in case I sweat. What is the best way to go about getting a spray tan while playing sports?

Answer: It is a bit tricky, because sweat happens to be acidic and so affects the tan quite a bit. Not only that, sports shoes have a tendency to rub the spray tan off leaving you with white "socks".

You can still get spray tans and here are few tips on how to keep them:

1. Never play sports on the day that you get your tan. It must set overnight otherwise it is just too easily affected by sweat and prone to being rubbed off easily.

2. Before each spray tanning session exfoliate your skin very thouroughtly with Baiden Mitten.

That is the only tool that I have found that can considerably slow down rubbing off of your tan. It even resists you tan being rubbed off your feet when you wear gym shoes if you scrub your feet really well before spray tanning.

3. Get yourself a tan extender and moisturize those places that have gone paler after every sports session (or as needed). Every couple of days you might also give yourself a second all over coat to boost your tan as it starts fading.

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