splotchy on ym chest

by Ashley

Question: I got a spray tan and it looked amazing except for my Chest.
It was all splotchy. What can i do to prevent that from happening. I would do a regular tan in a tanning bed, But i can't tan, i only get it with a spray. How can i fixes this. The summers coming and i wanna look my best. Also how can i keep it for longer then 3 days!

Answer: I had one client that we had exactly the same problem with and it took me ages to figure out what the problem was.

She used perfume on her chest, which left a light film of oil on her skin, even if she took a shower before spray tanning and used soap to wash. The way we discovered it is that one time she came in and she had the same effect on the back of her knees. Then she remembered that she had used this perfume there and she also used it regularly on her chest.
It might not be the case with you, but for some reason your skin on your chest is oily and that affects the spray tan.

The best way of fixing it is by using Baiden Mitten which incidentally will also double the life of your spray tan.

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