SNEAKERS leave spray tan patchy

by Summer

Question: One of my friends got a spray tan and it looked great, but after she had to wear tennis shoes at work, her feet looked blotchy and the tan was uneven. I have to wear sneakers at work everyday! Is there a way of preventing shoes from messing with your spray tan?

Answer: Yes, that always happens unfortunatelly, especially if you have to run around a lot in your sneakers and your feet get sweaty.

There are some of things that you can do that will help with the problem:

1) Use Baiden Mitten to scrub your feet very well before spray tanning. It is an amazing tool that will help with getting your feet to stay brown longer but unfortunatelly, if you have to run around a lot in your sneakers your spray tan will still come off prematurely

2) Ask your spray tanning technician to gradually phase out your tan around your ankles down to your feet. That way, although you will still have white feet it will not be a sudden break but a gradual change - not as noticeable.

3) When you need to go out and NOT wear your sneakers apply some self tanner on your feet only. That way the color will blend in with the spray tan and you will have an even tan until you have to wear sneakers again!

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