How to customize spray tanning to different skin types.

Different skin types call for different strength of spray tanning solutions. The method of determining skin types is based on something called Fitzpatrick Skin Typing. It is a very useful scale that is used very often in solarium tanning salons to determine how much UV exposure can your skin take. It is also very useful in spray tanning to customize your spray tan so it makes you look the best.

Keep in mind that it is a scale, so in each category will be people with different depths of skin color and although they might look different it is all about how the skin reacts to sunlight.

There are 5 major skin types.


skin type I

This one is the palest of skins. It never tans, but burns, gets blistered and freckled. People with this type have red or blond hair and blue eyes and the skin on unexposed areas will be reddish.

If you are this color the only color of spray tan available to you is the lightest one. If you go for anything darker you will just look stupid and orange. Even if the lightest spray tan does not cover all your freckles DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask for a medium or dark tan.
See spray tans on celebrities with different skin types.


skin type II

This skin type will still burn and blister, but if you take it slowly, you can actually build up a sun tan. You can have hair from blond to medium brown, eyes blue,green or gray and the skin on unexposed areas will be very pale. You are still prone to get lots of freckles, but not as much as skin type I.

The best depth of spray tan for you is still light, although people with darker skin in this category can attempt medium tan quite successfully. Do not go for dark tan, chances are that it might turn orange.



skin type III

In the next life I want to be born with this type of skin. It is what people call "olive skin". Althought this skin still can burn, it does not blister, but might peel lightly. Goes brown quite easily and on unexposed areas is light, with a bage shade. People with this skin type are generally dark haired with green or light brown eyes, although occasionally you will see somebody with blue eyes.

If you want spray tan - go for it. You will look good in any depth of color you lucky thing. There is very little chance that you will turn orange.


skin type IV

This skin actually looks great WITH a bit of tan, otherwise it can turn a bit gray or yellowish. It does not burn almost at all in the sun, just goes darker. People with this skin generally have dark brown eyes and dark brown or black hair. Their unexposed skin is light brown.

If you want a spray tan, it will be usually to even out the skin tone, so that all of your body will be the same color. It is best to go to a spray tanning salon that uses hand held devices so that they spray tan the light areas first, and then give you a light "top coat" to make the color uniform. You will look great, especially if your skin goes a bit gray in winter. Spray tan will give you a golden finish, so you will look like a bronze statue.


skin type V

This is the darkest skin type and sometimes this category is broken down to 2 or three sub categories, because here are people with so many different skin shades. All Africans, Afro-Americans and a lot of Indians and Arabs will be in this category. This skin never burns, just goes darker. On anexposed areas the skin can be from dark brown to jet black. Hair and eyes are black.

The reason for spray tanning? Either to even out skin color or cover up vitiligo.

Isn't it great that we are all different? It makes each one of us special and unique. If we would be all the same like Barbie dolls (and many movie stars) the world would not be as exciting and interesting as it is at the moment.

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