Skin colour after spray tan

Question: I have naturally pale skin and in Winter I appear to be very white, however during hotter weather, I tend to tan very easily and normally go a golden brown color. I went for my first spray tan about eight hours ago and my skin is extremely dark brown, is this normal? I haven't showered yet but I am really concerned because I was expecting to be a natural dark golden brown.

Answer: That is normal if the spray tanning solution contained bronzer or guide color. That is just a temporary dye added to the solution to let the spray tanning technician know which areas she already spray tanned and which she did not. That color will be washed off when you have your first shower and you will only be left with the shade that your own skin produced.

Color of the bronzer + color that your skin is developing underneath = scary dark shade

After the shower you will only have one of those factors so the tan will be much lighter.

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