Should I tip the person applying my tan?

Question: If I am getting an airbrush tan with the handheld spray tanner, should I tip the technician?

Answer: You know, I live in Australia, and probably for that reason it was the strangest question I have ever received. In Australia, we do not tip. Sometimes in restaurants, but hardly ever for services.
Thinking about it, I only ever got tipped once, but it was because I gave exceptional service to a lady that came in tears just before her wedding with a botched tan. We spent about an hour fixing it, and she was so happy with the result that she left me a $10 tip.

As for other countries - I haven't got a clue. Maybe somebody out reading this will share their experiences?

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Mar 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I try not to expect it...because it is not required, but when I either give a special discount for a friend or a friend of a friend and I am taking the time to make sure they look perfect and leaving happy a small tip or a referral or a mention on Facebook would be nice. My products are very expensive being 100% Organic and so my prices are low considering. Like I said, I try not to expect it, but when people are tipping their hair dressers, nail techs, and even's hard not to think for as much time I put into it and go the extra mile for clients that they wouldn't throw a little something my way. :)

Good point!

Jul 22, 2011
Couldn't agree more!!
by: Anonymous

I am in complete agreement with the last post. I have a mobile and salon based airbrush tanning company in San Diego, CA. We always go above and beyond because we want our clients to be 150% happy with their tan and we will do so no matter what, but just think about how you tip your manicurist, hair stylist, masseuse, etc. for their time - We are the no different. Tips should be a given for the hard work we do to make everyone look their best. :)

May 09, 2010
Airbrush is a service; be kind and tip if you are please...
by: Spraytan Tech Girl

I work at a salon that offers airbrush tanning in Tulsa, Ok. In my own opinion, I consider this a service that's very involved process for the tech. When you pay for the session, you pay for the product and the time slot. The 'tip' that (should) be left for the tech, is for the extra steps they (hopefully) take to make your airbrush results the best. If your tech is taking the time to consult you before and after, buff off dry skin, wipe down your palms, and for the love of Pete if you lift up your rear or breast and say "spray this", I think a tip applies! If it's not in your budget, then just give a big, "THANKS" and send referrals (just remember we learn to know who you are and adjust the extras accordingly! Point being.. they should earn your tip, just use your best judgement. :)

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