should i be nervous about spray tan turning me orange?

Question: all my friends laugh at other people because they are orange. should i be scared? and if it does turn me orange how can i get it off?

Answer: Yes, it is funny when people walk around orange, however it very rarely happens if people use the right solution and the right shade of tan for their skin type.
If you are having a very first spray tan go for the lightest shade. That will just give you a healthy glow and it will fade away evenly.

If you are happy with the color, maybe next time you can go darker.

No, you don't need to be scared, because a lot of people walk around with a fake tan and nobody knows that they are wearing one.

However, if you would finish with one, the best thing would be to wait a day and stay indoors. Often the color settles in on the next day.
If you are really desperate to get rid of that spray tan, go for a swim in a chlorinated pool.
Your tan will be bleached pale before you can say "bad fake tan".

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