Shaving legs after spray tanning.

Question: Can i shave my legs the day after spray tanning or will it make it go away?

Answer: Legs should be shaved a day before spray tanning. If you shave them after, you will take a lot of your spray tan off as well, because shaving exfoliates the skin.

That said, the hair on my legs unfortunately grows faster than the tan wears off, and I was not always able to wax my legs before spray tanning to make my smooth legs last longer.

I found that if you very gently shave against the growth of hair (just taking the tops off without pressing on the shaver at all) with a very sharp blade, although you will still have a bit of a stubble, at least you will not be running around with hairy legs.
It is also a good idea to moisturize your legs afterwards with a moisturizer that contains some tanning solution to even out any damage you might have caused with the blade.

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