Shaving after the tan.

by Rebecca

Question: Can you shave after your spray tan?

Answer: It is definitely better to shave a day before you have your tan, but I understand that some of us have to shave even with the tan on.

The way I do it is to hold the lazer very lightly and shave WITH THE HAIR GROWTH and not against it. That way the razor will take off the tips of the hair, but will not scape the skin. I usually do just a dry shave, so that the blade will not come too close to my skin.

Your legs might still be a little bit prickly, but it is better than having them hairy!

I usually follow with the cream or lotion that has some tanning solution in it, such as a tan extender that you get from salon or one of those creams that you can get in the supermarket that is meant to build up a tan over few days.

That will repair any damage that you might have caused with the shaver and give your tan a boost.

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