self tanning was very hard for me how do i fix it?

by jess

Question: ok so i applied Coppertone Bronzing Foam to my legs and the next day they were all blotchy and streaky. I am going on vacation to hawaii on Saturday and i didnt want to look like a elbino on the beach. so now my question is if i go to a tanning salon and get a spary on tan will you still be able to see where i messed up on my legs?
Hi Jess, if you have a spray tan now it will blend in better, but most likely the streaks will be still visible. If you go to somebody that spray tans with an airbrush (as opposed to a booth) they might be able to go over the white patches twice, so it will even out nicely, if it is not too fiddly.
If you are not too fussy, you can get yourself some self tanning cream or lotion that builds the tan up gradually, and give your legs a couple of coats. That should also even it out. It might not be perfect, but remember that a real suntan never is, so it just might make it look more natural.

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