Self tanning aged skin.

Question: hi. I have tried so many self tanners all with disastrous results. because I have sun damage skin, when I use tanners my legs come up with thousands of freckle like spots.They are not freckles but look like flat warts.Icannot find a product what doesnt do this. the only one I can use is air brush legs but it only last one day. I do all the right preparions hope you can help with my problem kind regards lee

Answer: I know exactly what you mean. I have those little spots on my legs as well. They are dry patches of skin.

They only appear when I use spray tanning or self tanning products.
The way I cope with it is that I got into a habit of exfoliating my legs very regularly. I use the special exfoliating gel designed specifically for spray tanning industry (you should be able to get it in any place where they do spray tanning). What it does is dissolve dry skin instead exfoliating it with beads.

I apply gel to my legs and then let it sit there for 5 minutes to make sure it does it's job, and then give it a good scrub with an exfoliating glove. It works very well the first time and even better wit repeated treatments.

I hope it works for you as well.

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