Scared to try spray tanning again

by Liz
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

The drip - spray tanning disaster.

The drip - spray tanning disaster.

I always have people telling me to try spray tanning because I'm so freakishly white. I finally got the guts to look into it.

So I stopped by a salon that uses magic tan this afternoon to get more information. They quickly had me convinced to try it right then. After a very quick explaination of what to do I was left alone. I was reading the instructions he pointed out to me while getting undressed. The positions were in a different order than he told me and it mentioned wearing a "winkie" for eye protection and something for the nose which he didn't give me. But I just brushed it off and went in.

The fumes were so awful to breath in, I tried to hold my breath but it didn't work well. It was very quick then I quickly toweled off, dressed, and left.

About 6 hours later I noticed huge orange patches on my hands, patches up my arm, on my feet, and the worse was the "drip" look down my left leg (you can see in my picture)which below the knee looked like got no tan at all except for the marks that looked like paint that ran down my leg. I was in tears and panicing. I called the salon and they told me to shower immediately and use an exfoliating scrub.

I feel a little better but the marks still didn't come off much. Where the color is even it's absolutely beautiful, the best my skin has ever looked. I just wish that it had been even everywhere. I don't know if I dare try it again....I'm already dreading having to show up at work tomorrow and face everyone. Though on the plus size my husband got a huge laugh out of my little adventure.

Boshena's comment: I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. First of all, I imagine that you did not go totally prepared to go spray tanning on the day and you went in without exfoliating the day before? That would have effected the spray tan in the first place.

Second, I am not sure what strength of spray tan did you get talked into? It looks like it might have been medium or dark, because there was excess solution that ran down your legs. I used to have a MagicTan booth, and it almost never happened with the lightest shade and it practically dissappeared when I brought in spray tanning solution without any bronzer in it.

If you do dare go back to the place, remember to wipe the backs of your legs first when you get out of the booth, that will stop patches and streaks, and of course make sure that you exfoliate well a day before. Also you have every right to ask for winkies, nose plugs and barrier cream for the palms of your hands if you want to use them.

You might be better off to try a salon where they use a hand held spray tan gun at first to get more comfortable with the process. Just do not give up after one bad try. It might need some experimentation on your part, but when you do get it right, you will love it.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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