Scared to be orange after spray tan.

Question: I am afraid to get a spray tan because I am going on to the beach in 10 days will my spray tan be ruined on the beach and in the water ? How do I get rid of a bad spray tan if it goes wrong?

Answer: If you plan to play hard on the beach and in the water, than yes, your spray tan can get damaged a bit. I would suggest that you arm yourself with a tan extending lotion, which is just a moisturizer with some spray tanning solution added to it. If you moisturize every night after a shower with it, you will repair a lot of damage and boost up your tan.

To avoid going orange get a spray tan shade that matches your skin type.

Just remember that the spray tan in no way protects you from getting burned, so be very sensible in the sun and build your tan up gradually. That way by the time your spray tan will fade your natural tan will build up and you will not even know when it happened.
If you get burned and the tan peels, your spray tan will be ruined for sure.

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