Safe Tan Review

My personal Safe Tan Review…

Does this sunless tanner really live up to its promises?

In my opinion, YES!

Safe Tan Review graphic. I love this product.

I have been frustrated with sunless tanners in the past, due to terrible ingredients clogging my pores and breaking my face out. Although my skin tans well in the sun, I don’t like to tan my face. It seems to dry it out and encourage wrinkle formation.

For years, I wasn’t sure what to do, except keep using the nasty fake tanners available on the market.

One day I ran across Safe Tan on the internet. The price did seem a little much at first, but I went ahead and took the plunge and bought the 8 oz size.

It came with a sponge applicator, plus many bonuses!

I really loved it!

Using the sponge brush makes it really easy to apply. I mostly just use it on my face, but if I want a deeper, darker tan on my arms or legs, I can easily use it there and it works perfectly!

The best part for me is that it won’t break out my acne-prone skin. HURRAY! The ingredients are simple and natural and the formula is super light-weight. It sinks in really quickly and dries fast.

I like to apply it at night after thoroughly scrubbing my face. I let my face dry completely, apply the tanner, and then go to bed! I wake up in the morning with bronzy skin!

I couldn’t be happier with this product! It really lasts a long time, as I still haven’t used up my 8 oz bottle and I bought it over a year ago. It still is strong enough to use.

If you’ve been considering buying it, but just haven’t yet, then push your fears aside, and go for it! You will love it!

SafeTan Review Chandi Plank

About the Author:Chandi is a mineral make up expert and an owner of a website called Mineral Makeup Help

Sadly, my supplier of Safe Tan has changed her line of products and I no longer have a reliable distributor.

However, the good news is that I have located another product that is also based on natural ingredients and had tested it and found it to be excellent. Here is the link to my review of Beautisol.

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