Removing Spray Tan.

Here are some tips for removing spray tan. You might have got too much of a good thing, or your tan might be simply getting old and a bit patchy. Time to get rid of it.

Hands, feet elbows and knees seem to take on more spray tanning solution than the rest of the body, because they have more dry skin on them. It is important to exfoliate those places extra carefully before you have your spray tan. Personally, I do not worry too much about the knees, because I figure that when I used to tan in the sun, my knees were always darker than the rest of my body, so I think that having knees a little bit darker just makes it look more natural.

What to use to take the stains off after spray tan.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you still get darker stains. (Ever since I started using spray tanning solution without the bronzer in my spray tanning booth, I don’t seem to have that problem any more). remove spray tan stains The way to deal with them is to rub them off with exfoliant. If you use exfoliant on top of exfoliating glove, it seems to do a great job of removing spray tan.If you have done this, and not all has come off, a little bit of lemon juice, liquid bleach or hydrogen peroxide will do the trick.

Removing spray tan altogether. If you had a really dark spray on tan, at the end of its life it might be getting quite patchy, and if it is beyond the stage that can be touched up, you might want to take it off.

removing spray tan

Easiest way of removing spray tan is to moisturize your body with baby oil, leave it on for couple of hours, and then have a hot bath, grab one of those exfoliating gloves (or loofah), pour some exfoliating gel onto it and scrub everything off. All gone. Back tomorrow to the spray tan salon for another tan!

If you spray tan regularly, it might be a good idea to invest in a

Baiden Mitten. It is an incredibly effective as pre-spray tan exfoliation, but it also works very well when you need to get rid of your old and patchy spray tan.

Of course if you use Baiden Mitten you do not put baby oil on your body and soak, but just soak in clean water for about 20 minutes and then scrub. Believe me, if Baiden Mitten will not remove that spray tan - nothing will.

Removing Sprat Tan From Hands and Soles.

Remove Spray Tan from Hands

Lemon, hydrogen peroxide and pumice stone can do a pretty good job, but the latest tip from my readers is - drum roll please - Magic Eraser!

Just to make sure you understand - Magic Eraser should not be used on the skin, so you have to be very, very careful with it. It can cause burns and rashes and the only place where you might want to consider using it is on the soles of your feet and on the palms of your hands where the skin is thicker.

If it is not absolutely necessary, it would be better to rather put up with stained soles and palms than use Magic Eraser on your skin. So - use at your own risk.

Here are some photos of good spray tans,
and here are some photos of BAD spray tans.
There are times when you simply just cannot scrub any more for the fear that you will finish with open wounds.

Do you just have to wait until it all wears off? Not Necessarily. See how one of our readers covers up her spray tan disasters with mineral make up.

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Remove Bad Spray Tan With Baiden Mitten

remove spray tan

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I read about how good the Baiden mitten was from the internet and I just had to have one to see for myself. I am a regular user of spray tan and I find the Baiden Mitten is the best product around for removing old tan from my skin and for pre tan exfoliation. I use the mitten as part of my weekly beauty regime and I am so happy that I have discovered such an effective product .

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Being the owner of a spray tanning business, I know the importance of proper exfoliation in order to have the best tan possible….I toyed around with ordering this mitten and I’m so glad I did….it really does make your skin feel great and prepares it properly for spray tanning. I love the fact that I don’t have to use anything at all other than the Baiden Mitten to accomplish this! I recommend them to most of my clients and several have ordered …LOVE it!

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