Regarding A Tip About "Magic Eraser" on Your Site

I read somewhere on your site that Magic Eraser can be used to remove spray tan streaks. After reading this, I tried it on my legs, against my better judgment and much to my later regret. PLEASE warn your readers against this -- using this product on your skin (even lightly and sparingly) can be very dangerous and very painful!!!! Although the product did remove my streaks, I woke up later to an intense burning sensation where I had used it. This sensation lasted for days and was accompanied by much redness and irritation. I did some other "googling" and saw many, many stories of people being "burned" (or at least seriously chafed) by using Magic Eraser on their skin, with some even reporting being hospitalized as a result. My legs are still peeling, weeks later, and I very much regret my moment of stupidity (though I'm also thankful the results weren't worse).

I have no doubt your intentions in posting this tip (which I believe you said you passed on from readers) were good, but the results can be very unpleasant, to say the least. They were for me anyway, and I truly wish that I'd never seen the tip on this site!

Here's hoping this might help someone else...

Boshena's comment: Thanks for posting this! I am in Australia and I we don't have Magic Eraser here, so I was not able to test this. I will see if I can track down all the comments which mention Magic Eraser and post the warning on them. I definitely don't want people to get hurt!

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Oct 27, 2015
works, but be careful!
by: Tommy

I used magic eraser on my nose. Scrubbed too hard and later was red and painful, then peeled.
The trick is to be very gentle and not over do it.
I use it now on a problem area of my back and it works great since I rub very lightly.
It's not chemical, it's just made to reach into microscopic areas, that's why it works so good on just about anything and everything.
Just be careful and try it on your leg or abdomen first, not your face.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Awebb

This sensation lasted for days and was accompanied by much redness and irritation. I did some other "googling" and saw many, being "burned" (or at least seriously chafed) by using Magic Eraser

May 02, 2013
No magic eraser on humans
by: Anonymous

PLEASE DO NOT use any brand/kind of magic eraser on humans anywhere! I wouldn't even use it on the bottoms of the feet! No body parts should be exfoliated/sluffed with a magic eraser. My neck is forever changed bc I lightly erased tanning lotion from it. It was not really painful at first, but then it was too late. I was in pain, my skin was irritated & peeling for weeks & I had to explain to others what I did so no one else would get the same great idea. That "erasing" aged my neck. Please be kind to yourselves. :)

Boshena's comment: Definitely DO NOT use Magic Eraser on your skin possibly with the exception of palms of your hands and soles of your feet where the skin is much thicker.

It is a chemical and can really hurt you as you can see from the entry above. There are so many gentler ways of getting the color off off the rest of the skin.

Apr 03, 2013
Magic erasers please DON'T!!
by: Tarambmomof2

Ok everything else seems great on this page!! But magic erasers!! Ok so my little boys decided to use a green sharpie on them right before pics!! Used it on them lightly and it burned their skin!! Now I use gloves when using them!! Please don't unless you just do the bottom of your feet!! If they are really rough!!!!!!!! Also I had the same problem peeling between my breast. I don't ever wear perfume due to my son having asthma so I know that's not the solution!! ;( the only thing I could think of, was I waited a while and put my bra back on. Plus after kids losing my boobs I wear fake ones so don't wear them before a tan!!

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