recent spray tan worries

by Jessica

Question: I just got a spray tan last night(monday). I woke up todayand my feet were orange (kinda blotchy), my palms were dark orange, and i have streaks on the inside of my legs. I have a very important function on saturday night. Should i start scrubbing it away or should i wait another day and see if the result is any different? They also had stated i come back on thursay for another one. Do i really need to go? i just want a really nice glow...


Answer: I only hope that you are describing the tan BEFORE your first shower, since after you have your shower it should not be that bad any more.
I am a bit concerned about orange palms of your hands, because they should not be, but possibly you might have touched your body before the tan got really dry and the palms got some color on them.
After a shower and on the second day the tan should be nice brown, with maybe some small amount of scrubbing.
I am not sure if you need another tan on Thursday if you only want a glow, an application of tan extening moisturizer might be enough, especially if you have to even out some minor streaks.

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