Random lighter patch on my left arm that will not tan

by Ze

Question Hi,

I'm trialling a few fake tans for when I get married this July. I have done everything by the book, exfoliate well, moisturise my elbows, ankles etc and put tan on with a tanning mitt.

I have a lovely gold even tan..... except for a large patch around the crease of my left arm..it just refuses to go as dark as the rest of my arm!!!

I have tried several different brands and the same thing happens! My right arm is fine.. I'm kind of out of ideas, so any help will be appreciated!! :)

Answer: Yes, I have seen those patches and even had one myself for a while. I have not been able to explain why that happens and why some of them just suddendly go away and others stay on.
It has obviously nothing to do with the products but with your skin, so no matter which product you use you will still have the patch.

If this patch does not go away before your wedding I suggest that you use the fake tanner that you like the best and just treat the patch with some mineral make up. That way it will last the day and look good for the wedding and that is what matters the most.

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