Protecting hands during spray tanning.

Question: How do you keep your hands from looking horrible after a spray tan?

Answer: If your hands come up really bad after spray tanning you must get really good with applying barrier cream.
I make sure that I rub in some cream into my knuckles, on, under and around my nails and put an extra layer of barrier cream on my palms.
My hands are the last place that I apply barrier cream before I step into the spray tanning booth, and the first places I remove all the barrier cream with a wet towelette after I come out of the booth.
If your hands always turn out really bad than you could wear plastic gloves during spray tannig and then after your spray tanning session just treat your hands with a little bit of solution or even self tanner.
I have a video on my site about how to do hands here:

For some people hands are a real problem and you have to find a solution that will work for you.

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