problem with my automatic spray tan booth

by denise
(scotland )

Question: i just bought an air tan spray booth and i can seem to get the tanning lotion to come through as the water keep comming on!! does anyone know someone who can look at it for me or does anyone have any idea what going on???? i live in scotland incase u do know somenone who looks at them thanks

Answer: Who sold you this booth? That is the first person or company to call. Second, there should be somewhere on the booth information on who is the producer that manufactures those booths. They might have somebody that will service them, but it will cost you money.

I know your pain, I bought equipment second hand first up and lost money on it because I could not find anybody that would service those machines.
Buying equipment from reputable companies with good customer support is crucial, because once you start making a name for yourself in spray tanning, you just cannot afford for it to break down with nobody to fix it really quickly.

Good luck

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