price of spray tan.

Question: what is the price range for spray tans?

Answer: Look, it varies so greatly that it is difficult to predict what people will charge.

I have had a spray tan for $15 (the girl was new and she was petrified - although spray tan was not bad), and I have also had a spray tan for $120 (in a hotel's beauty spa which was very good, because she not only spray tanned me, but also contoured my body so I looked slimmer and taller - no kidding!)

When there is a lot of competition in the area some of the salons go into a price war and the client wins, but some just concentrate on the best quality and that is where you pay the high price.

The best way is to do a ring around few salons in your area and ask. Alternatively ask your friends, some of them should be able to recommend somebody not only with a good price but also doing a good job.

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