Peeling skin spray tan.

by Steph
(Manchester )

Question: I mentioned to my spray tanner that my skin was peeling from a recent holiday but she still went ahead with the spray and the results are horrible. Was she in the wrong to go ahead? Am I entitled to a refund?

Answer: I am not sure if I would call it "entitled", because I was not there and did not hear the conversation. I would say that as with anything, I would go back and very politely talk to this lady.
I had clients sometimes that I would tell that if the skin was peeling it would take the tan with it, but for some reason they would not hear it or would want to do it anyway.
The ones that came back crying - I would give them a voucher for a free spray tan when they stopped peeling, but one lady came back and she was very rude and called me names, threatened me and generally pissed me off. Well, I must say that I dug my heals in and refused to give her a free tan, OR her money back, because I do not allow people to treat me this way. I am sure that she still thinks that I am a rude bitch, but I see it as her problem.

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