patchy spray tan

by lisa
(wales uk)

Question: i spray tan a girl tonight which i have done loads of times the same girl, but tonight she had darker patches on her neck which were like figer marks but they were darker brown in colour to the spray tan and they came out straight away, what could make this happen ?

Answer: Isn't it funny how that happens? Unless you changed a solution or your gun started splattering, you know it is not anything that you did. I had one situation when a girl that was one of my regular clients one time sprayed bright orange! Later I found out that she was on antybiotics and those can affect spray tans.

There can be so many reasons - it can be different cosmetics or soap she used, or medication, or perfume, or even something that she ate (like sardines).
It usually happens that dry skin will absorb more solution and turn darker, so you really have to question her about any changes that happened the week before her spray tan.

If it happens again it can give you more clues as she might connect it to what she did differently, but sometimes you just have to let it go, because skin is a living thing and you just cannot predict everything.

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