Orange hands after spray tanning.

by lorraine
(scotland )

see we are all red heads in scotland

see we are all red heads in scotland

Question: i need help
i have just started doing spray tanning but can never get the hands right arrggggghhhhhhh
i let my husband spray me and at times he does a good job however today my hands are bright bright orange on the back and the palms and i cant get it of .i have bleach and exfoliated but nothing .......
and also my chest does not seem to tan ever !!!!!!!
i exfoliate all the time and it takes to other parts of my body but not my chest ????
i love this wee site ( ye am scottish )
keep it up and well done

Lor xxxxxxxx

Answer: Hi Lorraine. I just love Scottish (and Irish) accents. It is not quite the same to read it as listen to it though.
When it comes to your hands - bodies are so complicated. You can have 200 tans and they will be fine, and then will come one time when you will be able to play the role of pumpkin at Halloween.

My own problem area are the ankles - they ALWAYS turn out orange, not matter how much I exfoliate before spray tan (and after).
I must remember to use quite a lot of moisturizing cream before I tan as a barrier cream, otherwise my ankles just glow.
That is what I would suggest for you as well.

If your hands are already orange and no amount of scrubbing and bleaching will change their appearance, there is only one solution - make up.
I use mineral foundation, it camouflages it very well for couple of days. After that the extreme orange hue seems to become less extreme.

Your chest does not tan? Are you perhaps regularly using perfume in that area? Some perfume react with the skin creating that effect.

It is also possible that you have a spot that will not absorb any solution. Many people have that problem that the tan on one body area will wear off after just one day.
The solution - you guessed it - mineral make up.
Thats the easiest and the quickest way.

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Oct 31, 2009
orange hands= not cute.
by: Anonymous

I've heard hair bleach will work. But make sure you use blue instead of white to avoid chemical burns and only leave it on for 10 minutes, less if you start to feel any kind of irritation.

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