Orange hands after a spray tan

by Amaryllis Cordero

Question: well i went to get a spray tan for the first time i did what i was told so i went in i got out and also did what i was told the next day my hands looked so orange i didnt no where i went wrong the rest of my body looked ok but my hands where really orange.

Answer: Some people have very dry skin on their hands (or feet, or both) and the skin absorbs too much of the lotion. (If I don't take precautions, my ankles ALWAYS go orange.)

The way to avoid it is to put a little bit of moisturizing cream on your hands (or other parts that tend to go orange) BEFORE spray tanning.
Moisturizing cream will act as a barier and less solution will get through.

If you already have orange hands, you can try to scrub some color off, but if you don't have anywhere important to go tonight than just wait till tomorrow as it tends to get much better on the second day.

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