No results after spray tanning.

by Molly
(Minneapolis MN Us)

Question: i got a spray tan in a machine and i wasnt asked how dark i wanted it. it didnt really make any noticeable changes right after, is it going to get darker?

Answer: You were probably spray tanned with a clear solution, without a bronzer and that goes on clear and then develops over the next few hours.
I love the clear solution without any bronzer added to it, because although bronzer gives you an instant look of being tanned it stains clothes,towels and sheets, runs, can go patchy, stains nails and generally is a problem.

It is only put into a spray tanning solution if you get spray tanned by hand, so the technician can see which parts she sprayed already and which ones still need to be spray tanned. If you get a booth spray tan you don't need it, because the machine sprays everything uniformly.

Just for your info - in the machine you can choose light, medium or dark color. Most people just use light because that looks most natural, but if you want to go darker you will have to tell them next time.

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