New spray tan after 7 day old tan

by L

Question: I had a spray tan last saturday and am getting another this saturday- my arms and legs are fine for now(I will be shaving arms and legs before saturday)- my stomach, back and chest are blotchy (just really started today - day 5). Should I exfoliate my entire body or just the blotchy areas? I moisturized like crazy throughout the week- but was using a Vaseline lotion brand which I've read is not good for spray tans.I read that I should mix a self tanner (perviously used L'oreal Sublime Bronze - love it except for hands)with a lotion such as Aveeno. Thanks!!!

Answer: You should definitely exfoliate before you spray tan again. If you don't next time when the tan wears off it will be even more patchy.

Use a really good exfoliation tool to get rid of the old tan (as much as you can) and for moisturizing use tan extending lotion instead just an ordinary moisturizer and every time you use it your tan will get a little bit of color to compensate for fading. That way you can keep your tan a lot longer.

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