need some advice about freckly tan


Question:when i spray tan my legs look like abad case of freckles

Answer: Could be one of two things:

1) You shave or wax too close to spray tanning and your pores are still open. The solution that is used contains a lot of bronzer, which gets trapped in your pores. When you have your first shower you wash the bronzer off you body, but the one that is trapped cannot get out and it looks like freckles (it will come out eventually, but it will be after your tan wears off). Give yourself at least one day between shaving (or waxing) before you have your spray tan, so that the pores can close properly and ask you spray tanning technician to use the solution with minimal amount of bronzer. If you go for a spray tan in an automatin booth you can ask for a solution without ANY bronzer and that should fix that problem.

2)You have a lot of tiny dry skin patches on your legs which are normally not visible, but when you spray tan them they absorb a lot more solution than the rest of your skin and turn dark brown. They also take a lot longer to wear off than the rest of the tan, so they are really quite ugly. You need to get rid of those dry skin bits before you spray tan and the best thing, that will do it in one go is Baiden Mitten. Not only will it fix that problem, but if you scrub the whole body with it, next time you will get the most amazing tan that will last double the time of ordinary spray tan.

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