Nail Savers Save Nails!

Nail Savers are an answer to every tanner's prayers. I loose count how many times I have answered the question "How do I remove spray tan off my nails?" The only answer to that is - let it grow out.

Once your nails are stained, not even bleach will do a satisfactory job of removing the brown color. I have tried putting on lots of blocking cream, but that is messy and often I would finish with white streaks on my body where I touched it accidently with my fingers smeared with the barrier cream.

Even if the nails and cuticles did not get brown, almost always the underside of nails would get stained and it just looked horrible, as if I smoked a lot of cigarettes.

The story gets even worse if you invest in expensive nail treatmens. I have seen many beautiful french tips on acrylic nails totally ruined if not enough barrier cream was applied.

The photo below will show you the results of spray tanning with Nail Savers and without. I also included a photo for those of you who still use sun beds of the lovely (!)color that develops on nails from UV tanning.

nail savers nail protectors

I am quite sure that the photos above will give you a burning desire to own a pair of Nail Savers if you plan to spray tan regularly. It is just a no brainer. They are cheap and will save you a lot of heartache and hours in the bathroom trying to clean up your nails.

They are also exceedingly easy to pop onto your toe nails and finger nails (in that order) before spray tanning and even easier to take off.

And of course nothing beats the stylish look that you will achieve while wearing them :-)

Nail savers nail covers nail protectors


NAIL SAVERS Individual Bag (Contains 10 Finger Tips) protect nails from Tanning Beds / UV Rays

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