mystic tan while breast feeding?

Question: would it be ok to spray tan while breastfeeding

Question: Theoretically, that should not be a problem, since spray tan allegedly affects only the outer, dead layer of skin.

However, I would watch out for couple of things:

- I would suggest wearing a bra top, since where the baby is sucking the tan will wear off really quickly. That means that it will finish in the baby's mouth, and you don't want to put any chemicals into your baby if you do not have to. Additionally your tan will look much better with tan lines of the bra rather than silly white circles around your nipples.
- Although companies that produce spray tan equipment say that spray tan solution is really safe, there can be up to 40 different chemicals in it, some of them not that safe at all.
As the skin is very absorbent, those chemicals can finish up in your body and consequently in your baby's as well.

While your system will be able to cope with it, your baby's immune system is very delicate and not formed yet, so some chemicals that would not really affect you at all might harm your baby.

Therefore, rather than spray tanning I would rather recommend product such as Safe Tan. I know from experience that it is much more gentle than any other spray tanning solution or self tanning product on the market (that I am aware of).

That way you can have your tan AND peace of mind as well.

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